Where did Hurricane Raymond hit in 1983?

The eighteenth named storm, tenth hurricane and seventh major hurricane of the season. Raymond threatened the Hawaiian Islands enough for a hurricane watch to be issued. Instead, it turned north. It then veered south and made landfall near Molokai as a tropical depression.

What year was Hurricane Raymond in the Pacific Ocean?

Hurricane Raymond was the strongest tropical cyclone of the 1989 Pacific hurricane season, peaking as a strong Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale.

Hurricane Raymond (1989)

Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Raymond near peak intensity on September 30
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 145 mph (230 km/h)

Has there ever been a hurricane named Raymond?

The name Raymond has been used for five tropical cyclones worldwide. Hurricane Raymond (1989), the strongest tropical cyclone of the 1989 Pacific hurricane season. … Hurricane Raymond (2013), the strongest tropical cyclone of the 2013 Pacific hurricane season.

What hurricane happened in 1983?

Hurricane Barry formed on August 25, crossed Florida and strengthened into a hurricane. Barry made landfall near the Mexico–United States border, and dissipated over land on August 30.

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1983 Atlantic hurricane season
First system formed July 23, 1983
Last system dissipated September 30, 1983
Strongest storm
Name Alicia

Where was Tami adrift found?

On October 12, 1983, Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her fiancé, Richard Sharp, found themselves in the path of Hurricane Raymond as they sailed a 44-foot yacht across the Pacific Ocean.

Did they ever find Richard Sharp body?

Richard’s body was never found, but Tami took his belongings to his parents back in England. … Filming on the movie began just three months after the loss of her daughter but brave Tami still decided to visit the set.

What happened to the boat Hazana?

The Hazana was battered by 40-foot waves and, while making the boat watertight, Oldham was flung into the hold, knocked unconscious and only awoke, groggy, weak from blood loss from a gash in her forehead and in agonizing pain, 27 hours later. Though the storm had abated the luxury yacht was now a wreck.

What was the worst hurricane in the world?

The deadliest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history was the Great Hurricane of 1780, which resulted in 22,000–27,501 fatalities. In recent years, the deadliest hurricane was Hurricane Mitch of 1998, with at least 11,374 deaths attributed to it.

What year did Hurricane Raymond hit?

September 25, 1989 – October 5, 1989
Hurricane Raymond/Даты
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