Quick Answer: Who has sung stormy weather?

Who sang stormy weather the best?

All-TIME 100 Songs

Ethel Waters, who introduced the song, took it to No. 1 in 1933, when versions by Duke Ellington, Guy Lombardo and Ted Lewis also made the top 10. But “Stormy Weather” is inextricably linked to Lena Horne, who performed it in the 1943 film of the same name.

Who originally wrote stormy weather?

Sandman’s wooing of beautiful singer Lila Rose (a stunning Lonette McKee) is now complemented by him singing Fats Waller’s “Tall, Tan and Terrific.” And Lila Rose croons a haunting version of Lena Horne’s and Ethel Waters’ signature song, “Stormy Weather.” Every single sonic moment Coppola returns to us is a show- …

Who sang Stormy Weather in the 50s?

According to the Acoustic Music organization, the version by The Five Sharps (1952) “is one of the rarest of all R&B records. Only three 78rpm and no 45rpm copies are known to exist”.

Who sang Stormy Weather in the 60s?


Title Performer Release date
Stormy Weather Etta James December 1960
Stormy Weather Tommy Edwards 1960
Stormy Weather Pearl Bailey 1960
Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin’ All the T… Betty Carter 1960
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Is stormy weather a jazz song?

Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin’ All the Time)) ”’Stormy Weather’ was originally written…for vocalist and bandleader Cab Calloway….”

Where did Ethel Waters Live?

Her career in New York began in 1919 when she moved to Harlem and performed at such popular venues as the Lafayette Theater (demolished) on West 132nd Street and the Lincoln Theater (façade since altered) at 58 West 135th Street. By at least 1925, Waters was living in a seven-room apartment at 580 St.

Who sang Orinoco Flow?

“Orinoco Flow”, also released as “Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)”, is a song by Irish singer-songwriter Enya from her second studio album, Watermark (1988). The song was released on 3 October 1988 by WEA Records in the United Kingdom and by Geffen Records in the United States the following year.

What musical is the song Stormy Weather from?

Horne, meanwhile, was on her way to landing a long-term contract with MGM, and it was as a Hollywood star that she delivered the next defining performance of “Stormy Weather”, in the 1943 all-black musical of the same name.

Who wrote stormy?

Stormy (song)

Songwriter(s) Dennis Yost, James Cobb, Buddy Buie
Producer(s) Buddy Buie
Classics IV singles chronology
“Mamas and Papas” (1968) “Stormy” (1968) “Traces” (1969)

Who is the weather girl in miraculous?

Well played, M. Astruc….) Aurore Beauréal, AKA Stormy Weather. (Yes, this girl’s name is litterally Aurora Borealis.

Who wrote Stormy Monday?

Ella Fitzgerald – Stormy Weather (Verve Records 1961) – YouTube.