How did Hurricane Hugo affect South Carolina?

In the Carolinas, property losses from Hurricane Hugo are estimated at about $7 billion. Hugo inflicted severe water damage on coastal structures. Wind damage was observed along the coast from Edisto Beach, South Carolina, to the North Carolina border and inland to beyond Charlotte, North Carolina.

What damage did Hurricane Hugo cause?

Hugo had a history before South Carolina. The storm crippled and nearly crashed a Hurricane Hunter plane as a Category 5 east of the Caribbean. It destroyed 85% of the buildings on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and killed 12 people and did $1 billion in damage to Puerto Rico.

What South Carolina communities were heavily damaged by Hugo?

In Georgetown, a sailboat anchored in the Sampit River ended up next to the Georgetown Rice Museum while the Georgetown Landing and Belle Isle marinas were destroyed. The storm temporarily put 270,000 out of work and left more than 60,000 homeless. Hugo was blamed for 27 deaths in South Carolina.

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Where did Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina?

32 years since Hurricane Hugo left its mark in South Carolina | WTGS.

What was the worst hurricane to hit South Carolina?

Hurricane Hugo, September 1989

Considered by many to be the worst hurricane in modern South Carolina history. The storm leveled parts of the Charleston area, as well as the southern Grand Strand, before cutting through the center of South Carolina, smacking the Columbia and Sumter areas, and blasting Charlotte.

When did Hugo hit SC?

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Monday marks 31 years since Hurricane Hugo devastated much of the South Carolina Lowcountry. The storm formed near the Cape Verde Islands on September 9, 1989.

How did Hurricane Floyd impact South Carolina?

Floyd’s huge rainfall totals and subsequent river flooding were at the time unprecedented in the history of the Carolinas. By the end of the storm, rainfall totals of 12 to 20 inches were reported from Georgetown and Conway, South Carolina, northward across eastern North Carolina and into southeastern Virginia.

What happened during Hurricane Hugo?

Hurricane Hugo was a powerful Cape Verde tropical cyclone that inflicted widespread damage across the northeastern Caribbean and the Southeastern United States in September 1989. Across its track, Hugo affected approximately 2 million people. Its direct effects killed 67 people and inflicted $11 billion in damage.

How many hurricanes have hit South Carolina?


From 1851-2020, 43 tropical cyclones have made landfall along the South Carolina coastline. Of these 43 systems that have directly hit the coast, only four made landfall as major (Category 3+) hurricanes; the 1893 Sea Islands Hurricane, Hurricane Hazel, Hurricane Gracie, and Hurricane Hugo.

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How far inland did Hurricane Hugo go?

Landfall occurred at midnight of Sept. 22, 1989, near Sullivan’s Island. THE IMPACTS: A 20-foot storm surge at the coast and hurricane-force wind gusts observed 200 miles inland, Hugo delivered severe impacts to both South and North Carolina.

What was the last hurricane to hit Charleston South Carolina?

Hugo produced widespread wind damage and storm surge along with the coast, with Charleston at the center of the worst damage. The storm caused $7 billion in damage in the United States and Puerto Rico.

What category was Hurricane Hugo in Charleston SC?

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Hurricane Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall near Sullivan’s Island 31 years ago Tuesday.

Where did Hurricane Hugo stop?

Hurricane Katrina wasn’t a specifically South Carolinian tragedy, but when the storm struck the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi as a destructive category 3 hurricane, Columbia, South Carolina hosted part of what became known as the Katrina Diaspora—the many thousands of people who evacuated to other parts of the …

How long did Hurricane Hugo last?

South Carolina has had three category 4 hurricanes hit the coast, but has never been hit by a category 5 storm. The three storms were Hurricane Hazel in 1954, which hit the North Carolina South Carolina state line; Hurricane Gracie in 1959, which hit Beaufort; and Hurricane Hugo in 1989 which hit the Isle of Palms.