Best answer: Are Cubs in a rain delay?

Is the Cubs game in a rain delay?

Patrick Wisdom snapped a season-long 10-game home run drought with a solo blast in the fourth, putting the Cubs ahead 1-0. Wisdom’s last home run came July 29 — when Javy Báez, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo still were Cubs. 5. That lead was short-lived.

Is today’s Cubs game delayed?

Today’s #Cubs game has been postponed and will be made up tomorrow at 1:20 p.m. CDT.

How do you know if the Cubs game is rained out?

On the Cubs’ website it says: “Rainout/Rain Check Policy: In the event a game is not played, your paid ticket serves as a rain check, so it is important to keep your original ticket. Specific information regarding a rainout and rescheduling will be posted on, as soon as it becomes available.”

Why are the Cubs delayed?

Chicago Cubs game postponed because of severe weather. They’ll play the Colorado Rockies in a split doubleheader Wednesday at Wrigley Field. Severe weather forced the Chicago Cubs game to be postponed Tuesday night.

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Why are Cubs and Brewers delayed?

Milwaukee Brewers is rained out. … The Chicago Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers was postponed because of weather Monday night at Wrigley Field and will be made up as part of a split doubleheader Tuesday. The first game will begin at 1:20 p.m., with the nightcap at 7:05.

How long is a Cubs game?

LVL, there’s no set time limit for a baseball game but they usually run somewhere between 3 to 3.5 hours. If it’s a tied game at the end of the 9th inning, it continues until the end of the inning when one team is ahead. Although it does happen at times, it is quite unusual for a game to go beyond 12 innings.

Did Cubs win today?

Cubs edge Cardinals 3-2 in rain-shortened finale.

Why is the Brewer game delayed?

13, 2021 8:30 p.m. The Pittsburgh Pirates postponed Friday night’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers at PNC Park because of inclement weather expected throughout the evening. The Pirates (41-74) and Brewers (70-46) will play a split seven-inning doubleheader Saturday.

Why are MLB games postponed?

A COVID-19 outbreak within the Yankees’ player group has prompted the postponement of Thursday’s game between the Yankees and Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, allowing Major League Baseball to conduct continued testing and contact tracing. The league will continue to provide scheduling updates as available.

Do you get a refund if a Cubs game is rained out?

Rainout Refunds shall be paid, at Cubs’ option, either via check to the address provided herein or, if paid by credit card, via refund to the credit card used to pay the Event Fees.

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What should I wear to the Cubs game?

If it’s cold, jeans or joggers are a good idea. For cooler nights at Wrigley Field, I like pants, denim jacket, a long-sleeve white top and a team hat. You can never go wrong with a team hoodie or jacket, either. The weather changes so quickly that it’s a good idea to bring them anyway.

How much does a brick at Wrigley Field cost?

You can donate any amount to the Donate to the Lucky Cubs Brick Fund. The total cost is $160 to get a brick at Wrigley Field.

Can you bring Vapes into Wrigley Field?

In their efforts to accommodate people from different backgrounds, Chicago Cubs –Wrigley Field strictly prohibits smoking or any other tobacco use. Whether it’s traditional cigarettes, e-cigs, or smokeless tobacco, it’s not allowable to vape inside the stadium.

What can you bring into a Cubs game?

Bag restrictions implemented at the start of the season also remain. Medical and diaper bags are permitted, while only purses and wallets smaller than 9-by-5 inches are allowed. Under the touchless entry process, phones, wallets and keys do not have to be removed before going through the metal detector at the gate.

What place are the Cubs in?


1 Brewers Y
2 Cardinals X 5.0
3 Reds 12.0
4 Cubs 24.0