You asked: What does the rain do when she doesn’t care if anyone was about her deeds or not?

she completes her work and talk to the earth.

What does the rain do to the things day and night?

What does the rain do to the things day and night? Ans. The rain falls on the earth, and washes away the drought, it also helps the seeds to germinate and bring forth new life on the earth. Without it, all life on earth would become lifeless.

What happens to the rain in the sky?

It means the air has cooled down enough for condensation to take place. This leads to cloud formation, which is nothing more than trillions of small water droplets in the air. Once the droplets grow big enough, they can no longer be suspended in the clouds and fall to the ground as a result of gravity.

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What does the rain do to the place of its origin?

Answer:It washes away the drought, the dust from the face of earth. It cleanse the face of earth and gives it a new look by helping the seeds to germinate into new plant life. … Thus, it gives life to its own origin, day and night.

What does the poet compare the rain with?

The poet compare rain to the Poem of Earth because rain engaged in beautyfing the Earth. Rain keeps working to purify it’s origin as well as cleaning the dust from Earth. # Hope this helps.

How does the rain describe herself?

The rain describes herself in the poem ” THE VOICE OF THE RAIN” as the ” POEM OF THE EARTH” which gives happiness to everything and quenches the thirst and relish the drought prone areas.

What happens to the earth when the rain falls?

Explanation: When precipitation falls over the land surface, it follows various routes in its subsequent paths. Some of it evaporates, returning to the atmosphere; some seeps into the ground as soil moisture or groundwater; and some runs off into rivers and streams.

What will happen if it doesn’t rain Class 11?

Answer: If it doesn’t rain then Earth will remain parched, droughts will follow and the dust-layers will not be washed away. There will be nothing to quench the thirst of the plants and trees and their seeds will die.

What happens in the sky the voice of the rain?

Ans. In the poem, the water rises from the ‘land and the bottomless sea’ to reach the sky. There, it transforms itself into vague formation of clouds, different in their structure than the water from which they originate.

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What is rain made of?

Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds become saturated, or filled, with water droplets. Millions of water droplets bump into each other as they gather in a cloud. When a small water droplet bumps into a bigger one, it condenses, or combines, with the larger one.

How does the rain help the seeds inside the earth *?

From the sky it pours down on earth to wash the dry tiny particles and dust layers of the earth. The rain helps the unborn seeds to sprout. These seeds lay hidden and unborn under the layers of earth. Rain gives back life to its origin making it pure and beautiful.

How does the rain become the voice of the earth?

the rain became the voice of the earth because it provides us with all necessity such as water . nothing will grow on the earth if there is no rain . the earth will not sustain if there is no rain .

What happens to the rain in the sky Class 11?

According the poet, once water rises towards the sky, it is “vaguely formed”. It changes its form and remains unchanged at the same time. This means that, the water changes form into water vapour, and turns into clouds.

What is rain compared to Why?

Walt whitman says that rain is the poem of the earth, and compares it to music. Music and poetry rises from deep within our soul, and makes an impression on the people who are listening to it and inspires them.

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Why does the poet ask the rain?

In the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ by Walt Whitman, the poet asked the rain “And who art thou?” meaning “Who are you?”. He asked the rain to give its introduction and identity because he wanted to know its origin and the purpose that it served in the world.

What does the rain reply to the poet’s question Who are you *?

Answer: she is poem of earth.