Which states get the least rain?

Nevada takes the lead as the least rainy state in the US, with only 9.5 inches (241 mm) of rain each year. The mountain states, including Wyoming and Montana, dominate the list of America’s driest states year round.

Which state receives least rainfall?

Jaisalmer is the place in India which receives the lowest rainfall as per the records. Jaisalmer is the driest place in India also referred to as golden city. Jaisalmer is located in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a beautiful state with numerous cultural and moral ethics.

What is the driest state in the United States?

Nevada is the driest state in the United States with a statewide average annual precipitation of only 10 inches. Locally, average annual precipitation varies from 4 inches to more than 50 inches on high mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Which states get the most rain?

U.S. Average Precipitation State Rank

Rank Average Precipitation ▼ State / Population
1. 59.15 inches Louisiana / 4,601,049
2. 56.48 inches Mississippi / 2,984,345
3. 56.00 inches Alabama / 4,817,678
4. 54.73 inches Florida / 19,361,792
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Where is least likely to rain?

The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica in an area called the Dry Valleys, which have seen no rain for nearly 2 million years. There is absolutely no precipitation in this region and it makes up a 4800 square kilometer region of almost no water, ice or snow.

What is the least humid state?

The states with the lowest relative humidity are:

  • Nevada – 38.3%
  • Arizona – 38.5%
  • New Mexico – 45.9%
  • Utah – 51.7%
  • Colorado – 54.1%
  • Wyoming – 57.1%
  • Montana – 60.4%
  • California – 61.0%

What state has the best weather?

The ten states in the U.S. with the best weather are:

  • California.
  • Hawaii.
  • Texas.
  • Arizona.
  • Florida.
  • Georgia.
  • South Carolina.
  • Delaware.

What city in America has the best weather?

Congratulations to Long Beach, Calif., which tops our list with 210 nice days per year. Los Angeles closely follows. Other cities near the top are some you might expect, such as San Diego, famous for its great weather, and parts of California’s Central Valley.

What is the rainiest city in America?

Mobile is the rainiest city in the United States. Mobile receives an average annual rainfall of 67 inches and has about 59 rainy days per year.

The ten rainiest cities are:

  • Mobile, AL.
  • Pensacola, FL.
  • New Orleans, LA.
  • West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Lafayette, LA.
  • Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Miami, FL.
  • Port Arthur, TX.

Which US city has the most rainy days?

Rochester, New York, had an average of about 167 days per year with precipitation. The sunniest city in the U.S. was Phoenix, Arizona, with an average of 85 percent of sunshine per day.

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Characteristic Average number of rainy days per year
Detroit, Michigan 135

What is the cloudiest state?

Many consider Alaska to be the cloudiest state in the nation, but actually, the majority of Alaska gets just as much sun as the Great Plains.

What cities have the least rain?

America’s top 5 driest cities

  • Las Vegas, Nev.: 5.37 inches of precipitation annually on average.
  • Bakersfield, Calif.: 6.47 inches of precipitation annually on average. …
  • Reno, Nev.: 7.40 inches of precipitation annually on average. …
  • Phoenix, Ariz.: 8.03 inches of precipitation annually on average. …

Does it rain in Arizona?

It doesn’t always rain in Arizona, but when it does, people pay attention — or at least they should. … Much of the state is sparsely vegetated due to receiving very little rainfall. The Phoenix area typically only receives about 8 inches of rain per year, while Tucson gets closer to 12.

Where is the driest place in the USA?

Death Valley is famous as the hottest place on earth and driest place in North America.