What was the track for Hurricane Rita?

What track did Hurricane Rita take?

Hurricane Rita made landfall about 258 km (161 mi) southeast of Sabine Pass at the Texas/Louisiana border, on 24 September as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 185 km/h (115 mph).

How many miles across was Hurricane Rita?

Just twenty-six days after Katrina’s landfall, Hurricane Rita—the fourth-strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded—swept from east to west across the upper Gulf of Mexico and flooded communities across 250 miles of coastal Louisiana.

Where did the eye of Hurricane Rita hit?

Above: Holly Beach, LA aerial photo showing the town before and after Hurricane Rita. Not a single building was left standing. Photo from USGS. After making landfall across western Cameron parish, the eye of Rita passed over a majority of Southeast Texas from Sabine Lake to Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

Where did Hurricane Rita originate?

A tropical depression formed in the Bahamas on September 17, 2005. Once it was organized enough to have winds of over 62 kilometers per hour (39 miles per hour), it was classified as a tropical storm and given the name Rita, becoming the 17th named storm system of the 2005 hurricane season.

How many people were killed because of Hurricane Rita?

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