What is a Category 2 thunderstorm?

Smaller thick bright circles are Category 2 Thunderstorms.

What is a Level 2 thunderstorm?

A Level 2 (Slight/Standard) Risk indicates the potential for severe thunderstorms. Coverage of severe thunderstorms is anticipated to be isolated to widely scattered. … Depending on the setup there could be an increased risk for several tornadoes (some strong), giant hail, and/or widespread damaging wind gusts.

What is a Category 4 thunderstorm?

4 MODERATE. ( MDT ) • Widespread severe. thunderstorms likely. • Long-lived, widespread and.

What are the thunderstorm levels?

Thunderstorms have three stages in their life cycle: The developing stage, the mature stage, and the dissipating stage.

How bad is a level 4 thunderstorm?

A level 4 or moderate risk will have widespread and long-lived severe storms that are long-lived and intense; that include strong tornadoes, widespread wind damage and large hail.

What does a 2% tornado risk mean?

Level 2 – Slight Risk

Damaging winds, large hail, and 1-2 tornadoes are all possible. SPC says storms in a slight risk area are, “short-lived and/or not widespread and isolated intense storms are possible”.

What is a Level 3 storm?

In a level 3 risk, widespread severe storms are likely. They will likely be long-lived and intense. Strong tornadoes may occur, with reports of widespread wind damage.

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What is a Category 5 thunderstorm?

The highest classification in the scale, Category 5, consists of storms with sustained winds of at least 157 mph.

What is a Level 5 thunderstorm?

LAL 5. Numerous thunderstorms. Rainfall is moderate to heavy. Lightning is frequent and intense, greater then 15 cloud to ground strikes in a 5 minute period.

What is a severe t storm watch?

A severe thunderstorm watch (SAME code: SVA) is a severe weather watch product issued by regional offices of weather forecasting agencies throughout the world when meteorological conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms as defined by regional criteria that may contain large hail, straight- …

What is a moderate thunderstorm?

The government`s Storm Prediction Center has issued a Moderate Risk of severe thunderstorms. … Typically, a Moderate Risk area is issued when a widespread severe storm or tornado outbreak is expected. Threats to areas in a Moderate Risk typically include: The likelihood of tornadoes, often strong and/or long-lasting.

What is the highest level thunderstorm?

The supercell is the strongest of the thunderstorms, most commonly associated with large hail, high winds, and tornado formation. Precipitable water values of greater than 31.8 millimetres (1.25 in) favor the development of organized thunderstorm complexes.

What is microburst storm?

Microbursts are caused by downdrafts within a thunderstorm. During a storm, air and water droplets become suspended in an updraft high up in the clouds. The stronger the updraft is, the higher the moisture and air are push, and the colder they become.

What is a Level 3 tornado watch?

This hierarchy continues with level 2 and level 3 tornado watches representing low-end and high-end events with the possibility of strong tornadoes. Level 4 and level 5 tornado watches would be reserved for days in which atmospheric conditions indicate the possibility of supercells with violent tornadoes.

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Is Isolated tornadoes bad?

Are Isolated tornadoes bad? An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning means radar has detected, or a report has indicated, a severe thunderstorm producing large hail or damaging winds is in progress or is imminent. A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes.

Are Isolated thunderstorms bad?

Isolated thunderstorms: The National Weather Service uses the term “isolated” to describe a less than 30% chance of measurable precipitation (0.01 inch) for a given location. … Even if a thunderstorm is not classified as severe, lightning and heavy rain can still pose a danger.