Was there any damage from Hurricane Sally?

Numerous tornadoes also occurred as well. Damage is estimated at $7.3 billion (2020 USD). Despite the destruction caused by the storm, the name Sally was not retired during the following year making Sally the costliest tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic on record that did not have its name retired.

What areas did Hurricane Sally damage?

Sally was a particularly slow-moving hurricane, which caused the section of land between Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida, to see continuous flooding and damage. Widespread wind damage was prevalent all throughout the area, and more than 20 inches of rainfall were recorded.

What did Hurricane Sally hit?

Hurricane Sally made landfall as a Category 2 storm near the city of Gulf Shores, Alabama, at 4:45 a.m. local time Wednesday. It has dumped 30 inches of rain on parts of Florida and Alabama, and soaking the Carolinas. On Wednesday night, Sally weakened to a tropical depression.

Is Orange Beach still recovering from Hurricane Sally?

While Sally slowly crawled across Alabama, the recovery after the storm was swift for most of Alabama’s coastal communities. … In Orange Beach alone, the storm damaged 1700 structures. Right now, 40 percent of rental properties in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are still undergoing repairs.

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How many deaths did hurricane Sally caused?

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