Question: When was the tornado in Paris Texas?

Is there a tornado in Paris Texas?

The risk of tornado damage in Paris is higher than Texas average and is much higher than the national average.

Tornado Index, #487.

Paris, TX 269.20
U.S. 136.45

What time did the Paris tornado of 1982 start?

The third, and most potent, member of the tornado family smashed into the northwest and northern sections of that county seat around 4:00 p.m., snuffing out the lives of ten residents and harming 170 others.

When was the last tornado in Paris TX?

The F5 resulted in no fatalities, but an F4 tornado in Paris, Texas, resulted in 10 fatalities and 170 injuries.

Tornado outbreak of April 2–3, 1982.

Overview of the outbreak on April 2, 1982
Damage $390.5 million (1982 USD) $1.05 billion (2021 USD)

Does Paris France get tornadoes?

The Paris tornado of 10 September 1896 is the only documented case of a tornado forming and dissipating within an urban area in France. A tornado outbreak produced 5 tornadoes over central Germany.

What time did the Paris tornado of 1982 dissipate?

The tornado continued to produce damage in western Lamar County before dissipating about 7 miles west of Paris shortly before 4 pm .

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Which European country has the most tornadoes?

However, the UK has the most tornadoes per area per year, 0.14 per 1000 km2, although these tornadoes are generally weak, and many other European countries have a similar number of tornadoes per area.

When was the last time Europe had a tornado?

The Fujita-scale of tornadoes

The last F5 tornado within the current European Union was in Palluel in northern France on 24 June 1967.

Which state has the most tornadoes?

The state with the highest number of strong tornadoes per unit area is Oklahoma. States such as Oklahoma and Kansas have much lower population densities than Florida, so tornadoes may go unreported.