How accurate is Dark Sky weather app?

Contributor. Dark Sky is super reliable where I live, and I keep location services on for it always. I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s off a few degrees a day here and there. If it’s always off, maybe you can give them feedback.

Is Dark Sky weather accurate?

In comparison, Dark Sky and World Weather Online, the eighth and ninth most accurate forecasting services, are accurate 64 to 67 percent of the time. … This demand has led to the emergence of minute-by-minute forecasts by services such as Accuweather and DarkSky.

Is dark sky a good weather app?

The latest version of this weather app not only includes new features, like self-reporting and custom alerts, but it also offers a better focus on the most-important weather information. It’s a great choice, and it’s easily one of the best iPhone apps for checking the weather.

Is dark sky more accurate than AccuWeather?

Notably, while AccuWeather, which makes its forecasts available free to the public via its popular apps and, ranked first in high- and low-temperature forecast accuracy, Dark Sky, a weather app available at a cost to users, ranked last in both categories in this ForecastWatch study.

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Which weather app is most accurate?

2021’s Top 6 Mobile Apps For Accurate Weather Forecasting

  • The Weather Channel: World’s Most Accurate Forecasting App. …
  • Dark Sky. …
  • AccuWeather: Live Local Forecast & Radar. …
  • RadarScope. …
  • Weather Underground. …
  • Carrot Weather: Crazy-Powerful Weather App.

Is Dark Sky accurate 2021?

Dark Sky is a weather app so good that Apple bought the company just to keep it exclusive to iOS starting August 1, 2020. … Still, app’s slick presentation and hyper-local accuracy make it easy to see what all the fuss is about.

Which is the most accurate UK weather app?

Accuweather is a brilliant app that’s been one of the top apps for UK weather-obsessives for a few years now. With a beautiful, streamlined user interface and a wealth of different data representations it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

What is the most accurate weather app NZ?

WeatherWatch. co. nz’s weather App is available for download, for both iPhone and Android & now tablets – so far it’s received a number of 5 star ratings, which we’re really blown away with – thank you!

What is the most accurate weather app for Android?

The most accurate Android weather app has to be Accuweather. In fact, Accuweather API is used by many weather apps as the primary source of data. And their data is accurate even for countries other than the US.

Who owns Dark Sky app?

Since Apple acquired Dark Sky in March of 2020, we’ve seen a handful of notable changes to the built-in Weather app on iPhone.

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What is the number 1 weather app?

1) 1Weather 2) Accuweather 3) Appy Weather 4) Google Feed 5) MyRadar Weather Radar 6) NOAA Weather 7) Overdrop 8) Storm Radar 9) Today Weather 10) WeatherBug Just install this extension and get top ten app list.