Frequent question: Are golden rain tree seeds poisonous?

All parts of the tree are poisonous, including the seeds, pods, flowers, buds, leaves, petals, wood, bark, and roots. … The golden chain tree, commonly called laburnum or golden rain tree, is a shrub or tree-like plant that grows chains of flowering vines that have quinolizidine (lupine) alkaloids.

Are golden rain trees poisonous to humans?

The flowers are golden yellow, sweet-scented, and typically bloom in May. The seeds are legumes with large numbers of black seeds that contain cytisine, an alkaloid extremely poisonous to humans as well as goats and horses, especially when not ripe. … All parts of the plant contain cytisine and are poisonous if consumed.

Is golden rain tree poisonous to dogs?

Toxicity to pets

Often called Laburnum or Golden rain tree, this shrub or tree produces flowering vines which contain quinolizidine alkaloids. These alkaloids can cause vomiting, weakness and incoordination when ingested.

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Are golden chain trees toxic?

Is it toxic? All parts contain a compound called cytisine. Ingestion of small amounts of seeds or flowers can cause a stomach upset and salivation. Serious toxicity is rare but can result after ingestion of large amounts.

Is golden rain tree edible?

Unfortunately this was a quarter of a century before I knew those Golden Rain Tree shoots were edible. You must, however, have the right species. … Besides eating tender young shoots and leaves (boiled) the yellow flowers produce a yellow dye and an eye wash. The mature leaves produce a black dye.

Can you grow golden chain tree from seed?


– Laburnum seeds require scarification. Gently scratch the seed surface with sand paper. For more information on scarification, check out our article “How To Start Your Tree Seeds”. – After scarification, soak seeds for 24 hrs, starting with hot water and allowing to cool to room temperature..

What is the difference between a golden rain tree and a golden chain tree?

Golden rain tree, Koelreuteria paniculata (above), belongs to summer. … The golden chain tree, on the other hand, belongs to spring. Laburnum anagyroides is the species, but the hybrid Laburnum x wateri has longer, scented yellow flower chains.

Is golden rain tree invasive?

The golden rain tree is considered invasive in a number of areas due to the prolific seed production and bazillions of offspring. … The thousands of lantern-shaped seed pods give the tree an unusual appearance through the end of summer and fall foliage is a stunning golden yellow.

Is golden shower tree poisonous?

It’s true, the seeds of this fast-growing, drought and salt tolerant, medium-sized, deciduous tree are poisonous. The golden glow is followed by the production of almost two-feet-long, dark brown coloured, cylindrical, woody seedpods, which persist on the tree throughout the winter before falling to litter the ground.

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Do golden rain trees lose their leaves?

A: The short branch you refer to is technically just a single compound leaf. Just as other trees (maple, poplar, sweetgum, etc) drop their single leaves this time of year, goldenrain tree does the same…. except it looks like a small branch to the average gardener.

How poisonous are laburnum seeds?

All parts of Common laburnum are extremely poisonous, but the pea-like seeds are particularly attractive to children. If ingested, they can cause nausea and vomiting, and can be lethal in large doses (15 seeds or more).

Do dogs eat laburnum seeds?

Laburnum: (Cytisus alpinus) All parts of this plant are poisonous, but especially the seeds. Even chewing laburnum bark or twigs can affect a dog.

Are laburnum seeds poisonous to birds?

Re: Is Laburnum poisonous to chickens? Most animals/birds seem to have an instinctive awareness of poisonous plants however the seeds of the Laburnam tree are poisonous to humans and to poultry. Whilst it would take a serious dose to affect a human it would obviously take fewer to affect a chicken.

How do you start golden rain tree from seed?

In early spring, fill a seed tray with moist potting soil. Remove the seeds from the plastic bag and scatter them on top of the soil. Cover them with an additional 1/4-inch of soil and place the seed tray in a warm sunny room. Keep the soil uniformly moist and seeds will germinate in 30 to 60 days if they are viable.

Are golden rain trees good for bees?

Honeybees love the masses of golden flowers which are an excelent nectar and pollen source. The Chinese Golden Rain Tree is a perfect size for a small yard or urban street tree. The tree matures at 25 to 40 feet tall and 25 to 35 feet wide which is scaled well for many limited sites.

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How long does it take for a golden rain tree to bloom?

Do this about once per month during the first 1-3 years after initial planting. They will bloom in early June up until early August. The Golden rain tree is considered an invasive tree as it will sprout new shoots when the seeds fall on the ground.