Do you capitalize Category 5 hurricane?

Capitalize category and use a numeral when you give a hurricane’s strength. For example: A Category 5 storm made landfall Tuesday night.

Do you capitalize a hurricane name?

Capitalize “hurricane” when part of the name that weather forecasters assign: Hurricane Florence. Use “it” in pronoun references. If the context is clear, it’s OK to use just the name on first reference: Florence rapidly intensified into a fearsome Category 3 hurricane Monday.

Do you capitalize hurricane season?

The general rule says that seasons should not be capitalized. They are common nouns, not proper nouns. … Capitalize the name of a season when it’s the first word of a sentence or part of a proper noun. If the season is being personified, you can capitalize it then, too.

Should Hurricane Katrina be capitalized?

Natural phenomena or disasters of historic significance are often capitalized: the Great Plague; the Chicago Fire; Hurricane Katrina.

Is Hurricane Sandy capitalized?

Conversation. AP Style tip: Capitalize hurricane as part of a storm’s assigned name: Hurricane Sandy. Use it and its in pronoun references.

Should Spring Break be capitalized?

Phrases such as “Spring Break” and “Spring Semester” should be capitalized when referring to specific events such as “Spring Break 2022” or “Spring Semester 2022” but lowercase otherwise. Apart from these exceptions, the word spring should always start with lowercase.

Should directions be capitalized?

In general, when a direction is a description, it’s lowercase, and when it’s the name of something, it’s capitalized—but there are exceptions. Sometimes directional terms such as south are capitalized and sometimes they aren’t.

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Is fall capitalized in fall semester?

No, seasons are generally not capitalized.

Seasons, such as fall, spring, winter, and summer are general nouns, not proper nouns so therefore seasons shouldn’t be capitalized.