Best answer: How old was Tilly Smith when the tsunami hit?

On December 26, 2004, 10 year-old Tilly was on the beach in Thailand with her family. She had learned about tsunamis in school and told her parents a tsunami was coming when she saw the waves become more chaotic and the water withdraw.

What was the age of Tilly Smith when tsunami hit the island?

Answer: Tilly Smith with her family was celebrating Christmas at a beach in Thailand. She was only 10 years old. She noted the sea water flowing towards, the beach. She was reminded of a geography lesson and the video of Hawaiian Islands in 1946.

How old was Tilly What was she doing in Thailand?

Now here is a story from Thailand. The Smith family from South-East England were celebrating Christmas at a beach resort in southern Thailand. Tilly Smith was a ten-year-old schoolgirl; her sister was seven years old.

How did Tilly Smith know the tsunami was coming?

Two weeks earlier in a geography class in Oxshott, Surrey, Tilly had learnt about tsunamis. The class had watched a black and white video of a 1946 tsunami in Hawaii, and standing on the shoreline of that beach in Thailand, Tilly was positive the warning signs were the same.

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How old Tilly Smith was?

Answer: Tilly’s family had come to Thailand to celebrate Christmas. Both saw the sea rise and it started to foam and form whirlpools.

What helped ten year old Tilly Smith predict the tsunami?

In the December of 2004, 10-year-old Tilly was vacationing with her parents and sister on Maikhao beach in Phuket, Thailand, when she saw the tides rushing out. The behaviour of sea waves reminded her of a video about a tsunami in Hawaii, that her teacher had shown during Geography class back in the UK.

Why did Tilly started screaming?

Why did Tilly start screaming? Answer: Tilly was aware of the impending disaster in the form of Tsunami as she had already observed a video in her class room. Give the meaning of’hysterical’.

How old is Tilly Smith now?

Question 2: What were the warning signs that both Tilly and her mother saw? Answer: Tilly and her mother saw sea level rising slowly. The water was making large whirlpools with huge bubbles giving it a foamy appearance.

Who did not lose her parents in the tsunami?

Answer: Tilly. Option (C) is correct.

How many people died in the 26th December 2004 tsunami?

The tsunami killed at least 225,000 people across a dozen countries, with Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, and Thailand sustaining massive damage. Indonesian officials estimated that the death toll there alone ultimately exceeded 200,000, particularly in northern Sumatra’s Aceh province.

Who is Tilly Class 8?

Tilly Smith was a British schoolgirl. She was 10 years old and was able to save many lives when the tsunami struck Phuket beach in Thailand. That’s why she was awarded several awards.

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Where was Tilly in tsunami chapter?

Tilly’s school located in England.