You asked: How do I know if I am deep autumn or winter?

When they go gray, Deep Autumns’ white hair is yellowy (a much paler version of their natural hair colour: it might be best to use a dye in the shades mentioned in the previous point), while Deep Winters go gradually salt and pepper (when this process is finished most of them will actually be Cool Winters).

What is the difference between deep Autumn and deep Winter?

These differences are reflected in the two seasons’ colour palettes: While Dark Autumn’s colours are more muted and warmer, Dark Winter’s colours are brighter and there are more extremely light and extremely dark colours on the palette.

How do you tell if you are a Winter or Autumn?

If your skin tone and hair have a warm undertone, or you are a natural red-head, you would be classed as either a Spring or an Autumn; if your skin has a blue-ish, cool undertone and your hair is more ashy and has no golden or red highlights, you are either a Summer or a Winter.

How do you know if you’re a deep Autumn?

Deep autumn is closer to neutral than true warm autumn, as it leans into winter and the cooler hues. Deep autumn eyes are typically brown, hazel, or green. The hair is dark – brown or black – with hints of mahogany, red, auburn, or gold. The overall appearance is low/medium contrast, rich brown tones upon each other.

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Can deep Winter have hazel eyes?

Eyes: Most Winter’s will have dark colored eyes but they can also have a cool hazel with blue or a green.

Can deep Autumn wear white?

Autumn’s version of white is rich cream. Autumns suit every shade of light brown, from tan and camel through to cognac and beige, and they can be incredibly useful neutrals, particularly for warmer weather.

What is deep Winter?

When Winter flows into Autumn we encounter the Deep Winter palette. Other names for this season are Dark Winter, or Deep Cool, as the two primary characteristics are Deep and Cool coloring. Deep Winter is quite muted for a Winter, but brighter and higher contrast than Deep Autumn, its sister season.

What is deep Autumn?

Deep Autumn is the darkest of the Autumn palettes, sitting at the darkest and least warm end of the Autumn spectrum, without drifting into the cool Winter palette. Deep Autumns are often initially mistaken for Winters, and may have either a very dark or high contrast look compared to other Autumns.

Can a soft Autumn have dark hair?

Soft Autumns naturally have a wide range of hair colours, from flaxen blonde to dark brown. It’s very normal to see hair in this tone that is somewhere in the space between dark blonde and light brown, with highlights and lowlights in colours like barley, hazelnut, sand, antique gold, soft bronze or even copper.

Can deep winter wear white?

True white is also part of the Dark Winter palette. But always pair it with a darker colour to achieve high contrast. You also have light beiges and greys on your palette, which you can use as light neutrals.

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Can deep winters wear gold?

The best metals for Dark Winter are silver and pewter. Gold also works, and is especially useful to warm up an outfit which is slipping into True Winter territory.

What is soft Autumn?

Soft Autumn is the lightest, subtlest, gentlest Autumn tone. It lies on the border between Autumn and Summer. Summer, like Autumn, is a season of faded colors, so Soft Autumn’s colors are even more muted than other Autumns’.

Can deep autumn wear black?

As it turns out, Dark Autumn and Bright Spring can also manage black. All neutral seasons need that blend of warm and cool, it’s how they’re built. And the type of coolness present in warm-neutral Dark Autumn and Bright Spring is from Winter, not Summer.

Can a dark autumn have blue eyes?

The most common colours for Dark Autumn eyes are dark hazel, dark green, warm dark brown and warm black. Though very rare, eyes of this colour season can also be muted dark blue. You may notice swirling and erratic borders around the pupil and freckles on the iris, which are characteristic of Autumn eyes.

Can a deep autumn wear beige?

You have beiges you can use to create fairly high contrast outfits, as in the black, red and beige combination shown below. Neutrals and dark colours are plentiful in Dark Autumn, so those versions of corporate combinations are easy. For more on corporate clothing, see Dark Autumn Corporate Women from True Colour.