You asked: How did Debbie Reynolds get cast in singing in the rain?

Reynolds was just 18 when she was selected by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to star in the film. She got a contract with the studio after winning a beauty contest when she was 16. (This contract led to her meeting Elizabeth Taylor, who was also hired by MGM.)

Did Debbie Reynolds do all the singing in singing in the rain?

So you have Jean Hagen dubbing Debbie Reynolds dubbing Jean Hagen. And when Debbie is supposedly dubbing Jean’s singing of “Would You?” the voice you hear singing actually belongs to Betty Noyes, who had a much richer singing voice than Debbie. … This fact was revealed to Reynolds by O’Connor years later.

Who taught Debbie Reynolds to dance for singing in the rain?

4. Debbie Reynolds had no dance experience before she made the movie. She pointed this out when she was asked to be in Singin’ in the Rain, but Kelly said he could teach her, just as he’d done with Frank Sinatra for Anchors Aweigh.

Did Gene Kelly get pneumonia from singing in the rain?

Speaking to the second “fact,” Kelly tells his biographer he had “a very bad cold” on the day of filming and was concerned he’d “catch pneumonia with all that water pouring down” on him. … The third “fact” above, however, is false.

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Who really sang in singing in the rain?

Oklahoma, U.S. Los Angeles, California, U.S. Elizabeth Noyes Hand (October 11, 1912 – December 24, 1987) was a singer and actress best known for dubbing two of Debbie Reynolds’ numbers in the 1952 film Singin’ in the Rain.

What did Jean Hagen really sound like?

Actually: “Debbie Reynolds, when she’s dubbing for Jean Hagan, that’s actually a woman named Betty Noyes singing, so Debbie Reynolds – when she’s supposedly dubbing for somebody else – is actually somebody else dubbing for Debbie Reynolds.”

Was Gene Kelly ever married?

Kelly married Patricia Ward in 1990 (when he was 77 and she was 30). Their marriage lasted until his death six years later and she has not remarried.

Do they use milk for rain in movies?

Kelly had a 103-degree fever while filming the title number. And set designers added milk to the water so that raindrops would show up on camera (“Trivia for Singin’ in the Rain” 2004).

Does Debbie Reynolds sing good morning?

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Reynolds is nothing short of a charm hurricane in the part of Kathy Selden, particularly in her big number “Good Morning.” Though Reynolds didn’t sing the part — as was common practice at the time, she was dubbed by singer Betty Noyes — she dances like mad, despite her lack of experience.