Why do people golf in the rain?

1. Softer Greens in the Rain. The greens may be softer and more receptive on a rainy day because of moisture. If you have trouble with overrunning your chip shots or your putting is overshooting the hole then playing in the rain can help because the greens are softer and the ball will hold up more.

Is golfing in the rain worth it?

Rain cools the air down, meaning you won’t sweat as much, and you’ll be able to grip your clubs better. Particularly in summer, cooler conditions should always be welcome.

How does rain affect golf?

Rain makes greens slower than normal as the moisture on the ground and the ball slows it down. In instances of rain over a number of days greenkeepers will likely not be able to mow greens as normal meaning the grass will be longer and even slower. Putts on wet greens also take less break.

Is it harder to play golf in wet conditions?

Wet surfaces have a tendency to slow down the green speed, which also reduces the amount of break. Because of this you’ll need to hit your putts a little harder and factor in less movement. Be sure to keep a close on each green independently as some greens, due to their sloping or runoff, may drain better than others.

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Can you play golf with rain?

Golf can be played in almost all weather conditions, including rain. If you are going to play golf in the rain, you’ll need appropriate waterproof attire and equipment to help keep you dry. You’ll also need to adapt your strategy and club selection because the ball won’t fly or run as far when it’s raining.

Can you golf in a thunderstorm?

Golf and Frisbee Golf are the only sports with regulations relating to lightning. A good rule for everyone is: “If you can see it (lightning), flee it; if you can hear it (thunder), clear it.” … Avoid trees since they “attract” lightning. Avoid small on-course shelters: they are intended only for sun and rain safety.

Is it OK for golf clubs to get wet?

Be wary of storing your golf clubs when wet. Wet golf clubs tend to promote the growth of rust on the shaft of your clubs. To prevent this from happening, always remember to dry them off before storing them away for safekeeping.

How does the weather affect golf?

A golf ball will travel less distance in colder temperatures for two reasons. … So, a warmer ball will come off the clubface with more velocity and spin than a colder ball. Plus, it will carry a bit farther because warm air is less dense. Golf ball selection also plays a part.

Is golf harder in the rain?

Wet feet make for miserable walking, so if your shoes have done their waterproof time, invest in a new pair. There are two key points of contact in a golf swing – with the ground and with the club. If either is less than solid, your game will be compromised in the rain.

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Can you play golf while pregnant?

Since every woman’s pregnancy is different, check with your doctor about continuing to play. But for many pregnant women, golf is a great activity to get fresh air and exercise. In fact, many women report they play better golf during their pregnancies.