Who taught Tilly about tsunami?

Her early life. Smith learned about tsunamis in a geography lesson two weeks before the tsunami from her teacher Andrew Kearney at Danes Hill School in Oxshott, Surrey.

Who told Tilly about tsunami?

“You’ll probably think I’m absolutely bonkers but my daughter’s completely convinced there’s going to be a tsunami,” Colin Smith had told them, as he later recalled to ABC News. Penny Smith, Tilly’s mother, was one of the last on the beach as a nine metre wave appeared and started hurtling towards the shore.

How did Tilly Smith learn about tsunami?

Tilly shared what she learned when a tsunami was on its way to a beach where her family was taking a vacation. See if you can spot the warning signs that helped Tilly save the day. … “We should get off the beach,” Tilly told her mother. “I think there may be a tsunami coming!”

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Who recalled the geography lesson and saved the family from the deadly tsunami waves?

Next is the story of the Smith family from South England but had come to visit Thailand to spend their vacations on a beach resort. Penny and Colin Smith had two daughters, out of which the elder one, a ten-year old named Tilly, helped save the entire family and a lot of other people from the gigantic waves.

What major lesson did you learn from Tilly Smith’s experience?

Tilly’s story teaches us three important things about preparedness. First, knowledge is the ultimate preparedness tool. Tilly knew the signs of a tsunami, and it saved lives. In her home country of England, tsunamis are not a very likely threat.

Who made Tilly aware of tsunami in the first place?

Answer: If Tilly’s award was to be shared, she should share it with her geography teacher who made her aware of tsunami in the first place. It was this awareness that helped her save so many lives. What are the two different ideas about why so few animals were killed in the tsunami?

What happened to Tilly in Thailand?

Tilly Smith (a British school girl) was able to save many lives when the tsunami struck Phuket beach in Thailand. Though she has won a number of awards, her parents have not allowed their daughter to be interviewed on television and made into a heroine.

Where was Tilly in tsunami chapter?

Tilly’s school located in England.

How did Tilly react when she realized that a tsunami was about to rush upon them how was the reaction of her mother?

How was the reaction of her Mother? When Tilly realized that the strange behaviour of the sea was because of an impending Tsunami, Tilly started to scream at her family to get off the beach. She talked about an earthquake under the sea. She got more and more hysterical.

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How did Tilly Smith save her family from the tsunami waves 100 120 words?

Tilly Smith with her family was celebrating Christmas at a beach in Thailand. … She started shouting to her parents to clear off the beach. Her parents heeded her. They all took shelter in the third floor of the hotel and were saved.

Who is Tilly Smith tell us about her family where did they go to spend their holidays?

Tilly’s parents were Penny and Colin Smith. She had a sister of seven years old. The whole Smith family had been to Thailand . They were celebrating Christmas at a beach resort in southern Thailand.

What did Tilly learn in her geography lesson?

Answer: (v) Tilly had learnt in geography lesson about Tsunami. She saw the sea rise slowly and start forming bubbles and whirlpools.

Who did not lose her parents in the tsunami?

Answer: Tilly. Option (C) is correct.

How did Tilly’s knowledge about the tsunami save many lives during the tsunami in Thailand?

Tilly Smith (born 1994) is an English woman who has been credited with saving the lives of about 100 beachgoers at Maikhao Beach in Thailand by warning them minutes before the arrival of the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Who is the poet of geography lesson?

The author of this poem is Zulfikar Ghose. Ghose was born in India before independence.

Where was Alma’s mother Rahila’s home?

Her mother Rahila’s home was in Nancowry island. The family had gone there to celebrate Christmas. Who was Almas Javed ?

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