When did Hurricane Hazel Philadelphia?

Hazel, Oct. 18, 1954: $36.5 billion in damage, 95 U.S. fatalities (100 in Canada) The eye of Hurricane Hazel tracked just to the west of Philadelphia, thus the region was caught in the dangerous right quadrant as Hazel’s remnants sped all the way to Toronto.

When was Hurricane Hazel in Philadelphia?

Hurricane Hazel was the deadliest, second costliest, and most intense hurricane of the 1954 Atlantic hurricane season.

When was Hurricane Hazel in PA?

October 15, 1954 – Hurricane Hazel caused hurricane-force winds and small portions with 6 inches (150 mm) or more of rain. August, 1955 – Hurricanes Connie and Diane both caused as much as 10 inches (250 mm) of rain and tropical storm force winds.

When did Hurricane Hazel hit?

5 октября 1954 – 18 октября 1954
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