What part of Tennessee has the best weather?

The city with the best weather in Tennessee is Brentwood. Brentwood, Tennessee averages 210 sunny days per year as compared to the United States national average of 205 days. The summers average in the 80s and winters average in the 40s, making the weather ideal all year round.

What part of Tennessee gets the least snow?

If you’re curious, here are the places that get the least amount of snow in Tennessee with at least snow snowfall: South Cleveland — 1.4 inches. Cleveland — 1.5 inches.

Before we get too far, here are the annual snowfall rates for major cities:

  • Memphis — 3.1 inches.
  • Nashville — 3.9 inches.
  • Knoxville — 5.8 inches.

What is the warmest part of Tennessee?

The flattish plain of West Tennessee, an extension of the Gulf Coastal Plain, is climatically the warmest part of the state. Temperatures in this area average around 62° F, and precipitation ranges between 46″ and 54″ increasing as one gets closer to Memphis.

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What is the sunniest part of Tennessee?

Orlinda: the sunniest spot in Tennessee and its odyssey toward internet. An hour north of Nashville, the quiet farming town of Orlinda is on the brink of the broadband revolution in rural Tennessee.

Does Tennessee have good weather year round?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Nashville Tennessee, United States. In Nashville, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are very cold and wet, and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 31°F to 90°F and is rarely below 16°F or above 96°F.

Is Tennessee humid or dry?

Oh The Humidity. Which State Is The Most Humid?

State Average RH Average Dew Point
South Dakota 66.4% 34.6°F
Tennessee 69.4% 48.4°F
Texas 64.9% 53.6°F
Utah 51.7% 28.6°F

Where in Tennessee gets the most snowfall?

Tennessee Average Snow Days City Rank

Rank Average Snow Days ▼ City / Population
1. 11.62 days Trade, TN
2. 10.88 days Fairfield Glade, TN / 7,754
3. 10.38 days Deer Lodge, TN
4. 9.33 days Laurel Bloomery, TN

What is the safest city to live in Tennessee?

Here are SafeWise’s top 20 safest cities in Tennessee:

  • Church Hill. Population: 6,671. …
  • Signal Mountain. Population: 8,605. …
  • Mount Carmel. Population: 5,295. …
  • Oakland. Population: 8,323. …
  • Whiteville. Population: 4,466. …
  • Camden. Population: 3,573. …
  • Pleasant View. Population: 4,686. …
  • Brentwood. Population: 43,217.

Where are the most tornadoes in Tennessee?

► Middle and West Tennessee are more likely to experience tornadoes because the areas are flatter and more exposed, according to Kelsey Ellis, a professor of climatology and meteorology at the University of Tennessee.

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What is the most miserable city in Tennessee?

(The Center Square) – Knoxville was ranked the worst place to live among all the cities in Tennessee, according to a 24/7 Wall St. analysis examining communities where households have the most difficulties pursuing happiness and fulfillment.

Is Tennessee always cloudy?

Days of Sunshine Per Year in Tennessee

Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime. The rest of the days are mainly overcast, with at least 80% cloud cover.

Is Tennessee a good place to retire?

Tennessee is the home of history, nature, a mild climate, and many types of music. … The state’s natural beauty, the amenities available, and the rural peacefulness combined with the mild temperatures make Tennessee inviting to retirees. As retirees research retirement locations, Tennessee is often a top choice.

How many months of the year is it humid in Tennessee?

Humidity and Wind

Nashville has some slightly muggy months, with moderately humid months on the other side of the year. The least humid month is April (48.5% relative humidity), and the most humid month is December (61.1%). Wind in Nashville is usually calm. The windiest month is February, followed by March and April.

Why is tn a bad place to retire?

But a new study by Wallethub released Monday rated Tennessee among the worst states for retirees because of relatively poor health care and qualify of life for seniors. … 14 in its overall cost of living for retirees, it ranked third worst for the quality of life and fifth worst for health care.

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What are the winters like in Tennessee?

Except for in the mountainous east, Tennessee’s winters are pretty mild. Between December and February the daytime highs hover around 50°F, dropping off to around freezing at night. It doesn’t snow much except for in the Appalachians, and even then it’s often in the form of sleet and ice.

Is Tennessee a good state to live?

Over the last 20 years, Tennessee has enjoyed an impressive rate of population growth. Low tax rates, living costs, and high quality of life have kept people on the move to Tennessee. It’s not a perfect place, but for the price, Tennessee is about as good as one can get.