What kind of pressure Hurricane Katrina resulted from?

What was pressure for Hurricane Katrina?

Katrina also reached a minimum central pressure of 902 mb at its peak, ranking 4th lowest on record for all Atlantic basin hurricanes. The vicious storm killed over 1,800 people, disrupted thousands of lives over tens of thousands of square miles, and damaged or destroyed 275,000 homes.

What was the pressure of Katrina at landfall?

The central pressure at landfall was 920 mb, which ranked 3rd lowest on record for US- landfalling storms behind Camille (909 mb) and the Labor Day hurricane that struck the Florida Keys in 1935 (892 mb).

What were the forces behind Hurricane Katrina?

Katrina formed from the interaction of a tropical wave and the remnants of a previous tropical depression. August 23, 2005 Tropical Depression Twelve formed. The depression became Katrina August 24 when it was located over the Bahamas. Katrina was the 11th tropical storm of the 2005 hurricane season.

What was the air pressure before Hurricane Katrina?

Katrina made landfall in 2005 with a pressure reading of 920 millibars (about 8 percent lower than the average 1,000 mb air pressure at sea level), according to the NHC. The final recording from inside Michael before landfall was one tick lower: 919 mb.

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What was Hurricane Andrew’s pressure?

The storm’s central pressure (922 millibars) ranks as the fourth lowest on record for a hurricane at landfall in the United States (Blake et al. 2007). At the time, Hurricane Andrew was the first major hurricane to affect the Florida peninsula in more than 25 years.

What is the pressure in a hurricane?

Hurricane Glossary

Category Central Pressure Surge
1 — Minimal Greater than 980 mb or 28.94 in 4 to 5 feet
2 — Moderate 965 to 979 mb or 28.50 to 28.91 in 6 to 8 feet
3 — Extensive 945 to 964 mb or 27.91 to 28.47 in 9 to 12 feet
4 — Extreme 920 to 944 mb or 27.17 to 27.88 in 13 to 18 feet

What was Hurricane Katrina’s highest wind speed?

Hurricane Katrina brought with it flood waters, the loss of power, little livable space left, and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This in turn caused molds to grow, endotoxin levels to rise, little clean drinking water, spoiled food, West Nile virus concerns, and many other causes for a person to be sick.

How did Hurricane Katrina affect the atmosphere?

With the help of NASA satellite data, a research team has estimated that Hurricane Katrina killed or severely damaged 320 million large trees in Gulf Coast forests, which weakened the role the forests play in storing carbon from the atmosphere.

What is the pressure of a Category 1 hurricane?

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Category Wind speed Atmospheric pressure (millibars)
1 74–95 mph (119–153 kph) >979
Examples: Cindy and Ophelia (2005)
2 96–110 mph (154–177 kph) 965–979
Example: The Perfect Storm (1991), Hurricane Isabel (2003)
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What was the lowest pressure ever recorded in a hurricane?

The three Atlantic Basin hurricanes (all Category 5) with the lowest pressures on record are Wilma (Oct. 19, 2005, with 882 millibars or 26.05 inches of mercury), Gilbert (Sept. 14, 1988, 888 millibars or 26.22 inches) and the Labor Day Hurricane (Sept. 2, 1935, 892 millibars or 26.35 inches).