What happens during the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?

When warm, moist air moves upward in an updraft, puffy cumulus clouds may form in the atmosphere. The moisture in the air condenses into water droplets as it rises. The cloud will continue to grow as long as warm air from below continues to rise.

What happens in the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?

In the first stage (cumulus), we see the cloud that will become the thunderstorm starting to form and grow due to the rising thermal (or updraft). … Eventually, the raindrops will become large and heavy enough to fall from the cloud to the ground. This marks the beginning of the second stage (mature).

What is cumulus stage?

The developing stage of a thunderstorm is marked by a cumulus cloud that is being pushed upward by a rising column of air (updraft). The cumulus cloud soon looks like a tower (called towering cumulus) as the updraft continues to develop. There is little to no rain during this stage but occasional lightning.

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What happens in the developing or cumulus stage of a thunderstorm quizlet?

warm moist air rises, expands and cools and condenses forming a cumulus cloud. It releases Latent Heat Energy warming the cloud, making it less dense than surrounding air. IT continues to rise and grow. What are characteristics of a cloud in the Cumulus Stage of an Air Mass Thunderstorm Development?

Do cumulus clouds produce lightning?

Cumulonimbus (from Latin cumulus, “heaped” and nimbus, “rainstorm”) is a dense, towering vertical cloud, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. … These clouds are capable of producing lightning and other dangerous severe weather, such as tornadoes and hailstones.

What is the mature cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?

The Mature Cumulus Stage

The storm has considerable depth, often reaching 40,000 to 60,000 feet (12 to 18 km). Strong updrafts and downdrafts coexist. This is the most dangerous stage when tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds, and flash flooding may occur. An example of mature Cumulonimbus.

During which stage of a thunderstorm does rain begin to fall quizlet?

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* Mature stage: raindrops start to fall initiating downdrafts; process of entrainment, the influx of cool, dry surrounding air helping to fuel the downdrafts; heavy rains, lightning, & thunder are most intense during this stage. It is also during this stage that hail or a tornado may occur.

What stage of a thunderstorm does wind and rain subside?

During the dissipation stage of a thunderstorm, wind and rain subside.

What causes thunder during a thunderstorm?

Lightning causes thunder! Energy from a lightning channel heats the air briefly to around 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, much hotter than the surface of the sun. This causes the air to explode outward.

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Does cumulus clouds produce rain?

Normally, cumulus clouds produce little or no precipitation, but they can grow into the precipitation-bearing congests or cumulonimbus clouds. Cumulus clouds can be formed from water vapour, supercooled water droplets, or ice crystals, depending upon the ambient temperature.

What are the three stages in the development of a thunderstorm discuss the key characteristics with each stage?

Most thunderstorms form with three stages: the cumulus stage when storm clouds form, the mature stage when the storm is fully formed, and then the dissipating stage when the storm weakens and breaks apart.

What are the stages of a thunderstorm quizlet?

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warm moist air rises quickly, the moisture condenses into a visible cloud. the updrafts form. precipitation begins to fall. falling precipitation cools the air around it, for ing downdrafts.

Which stage of thunderstorm development is dominated by downdrafts group of answer choices?

Once the downdrafts overtake the updrafts, which also prevents the release of latent heat energy, the thunderstorm will begin to weaken into the third and final stage, called the dissipating stage. During this stage, light precipitation and downdrafts become the dominate feature within the cloud as it weakens.