What do you call a light snowfall?

The expression snow flurries refers to light, intermittent snowfall without significant accumulation. Snow flurries tend to come from stratiform clouds.

How do you describe light snow?

a light, brief shower of snow. A snow flurry is a brief instance of light snow, with very little or no accumulation of snow on the ground. A snow shower in which only light snow falls for a few minutes is typically called a snow flurry.

What are the 4 types of snow?

Basic Snow Types

  • Wet Snow. This is a very moist and dense snow that forms when cloud temperatures are right around freezing. …
  • Powdery Snow. …
  • Light Snow. …
  • Spring Snow. …
  • Graupel. …
  • Slippin’ and Slidin’ in Wet or Powdery Snow. …
  • Snowmobiling in Powdery Snow. …
  • Wet Snow is Great for Snowmen, Not for Snowballs.

What are the 7 types of snow?

This system defines the seven principal snow crystal types as plates, stellar crystals, columns, needles, spatial dendrites, capped columns, and irregular forms. To these are added three additional types of frozen precipitation: graupel, ice pellets, and hail.

What is a metaphor for snow?

But back to snow as metaphor, for example: snow is a shawl or blanket. Snow cover insulates life in winter, concealing the seeds and roots that will grow in spring. They are there in frozen ground under snow, waiting. Some life forms wait for what seems like forever.

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What are other names for snow?

What is another word for snow?

blizzard snowdrift
snowfall snowflakes
sleet snowstorm
flakes snowfield
snowpack powder

What is solid snow called?

Graupel is sometimes mistaken for hail, but tends to have a texture that is softer and more crumbly. Graupel is sometimes also called snow pellets. Polycrystals are snowflakes composed of many individual ice crystals.

What is powdered snow?

Definition of ‘powder snow’

1. a solid substance in the form of tiny loose particles. 2. any of various preparations in this form, such as gunpowder, face powder, or soap powder.

What is muddy snow called?

Smud: Brown or muddy snow usually resulting from warmer weather.

What is dirty snow called?

Snirt – Snirt is an informal term for snow covered with dirt, especially where strong winds pick up topsoil from uncovered farm fields and blow it into nearby snowy areas. Also, dirty snow left over from plowing operations.

What is frozen snow called?

Graupel, which is a kind of hybrid frozen precipitation, is sometimes referred to as “snow pellets.” The National Weather Service defines graupel as small pellets of ice created when super-cooled water droplets coat, or rime, a snowflake.

How do you describe snow in a story?

Snow is white and gray, part and whole, infinitely various yet infinitely repetitious, soft and hard, frozen and melting, a creaking underfoot and a soundlessness. But first of all it is the reversion of many into one.

How do you describe snow?


  • slushy.
  • crunchy.
  • powder.
  • crystalline.
  • picturesque.
  • heavy.
  • obscuring.
  • whiteout.

What are 5 examples of metaphor?

Everyday Life Metaphors

  • John’s suggestion was just a Band-Aid for the problem.
  • The cast on his broken leg was a plaster shackle.
  • Laughter is the music of the soul.
  • America is a melting pot.
  • Her lovely voice was music to his ears.
  • The world is a stage.
  • My kid’s room is a disaster area.
  • Life is a rollercoaster.
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