Quick Answer: How much did Texas winter storm cost?

Winter Storm Uri cost Texas between $80 and $130 billion, report shows.

How much did the snow storm in Texas cost?

The economic toll is continuing to rise from the February freeze that paralyzed Texas and cut off power to millions across the state. AccuWeather’s estimate of the multistate winter storm’s damage is now up to about $155 billion, with $130 billion arising out of Texas alone.

How much damage did the Texas winter storm cause?

At its peak, Uri left close to 4.5 million homes and businesses without power, killed more than 100 people, and caused an estimated $295 billion in damage. The storm became the single biggest insurance claim event in state history.

How much did the power outage in Texas cost?

2021 Texas power crisis

February 7, before February 16, after Satellite images of Houston before and after the storm. The dark patches in the latter image depict areas left without electricity.
Date February 10–27, 2021 (2 weeks and 3 days)
Deaths 210 to 702 (estimate)
Property damage ≥ $195 billion (2021 USD)
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When did the winter storm hit Texas 2021?

February 13–17, 2021 North American winter storm

Category 3 “Major” (RSI/NOAA: 8.048)
Satellite imagery of the winter storm over the Eastern United States on February 16
Fatalities 237 officially confirmed 426–978 estimated in Texas
Damage ≥ $196.5 billion (2021 USD) (Costliest winter storm on record)
Power outages > 9,924,000

How much did winter storm Uri cost?

Winter Storm Uri began to hit parts of Texas on February 13 and its onslaught left close to 4.5 million homes and businesses without power at its peak, killing more than a hundred people while producing an estimated $295 billion in damage.

How many people died in Texas winter storm?

The Texas Department of State Health Services on Wednesday updated its official tally of deaths linked to the historic freeze in February and now says 210 people across the state died because of the winter storm.

How did the Texas snow storm affect the economy?

Texas businesses lost days of productivity during the storm and blackouts. … Economic researchers and modelers have estimated that the total economic losses to individuals and businesses from the storm could range from $155 billion to $295 billion.

How cold did it get in Houston 2021?

The extreme cold temperatures not just persisted through Tuesday morning, but dipped down even colder and produced the coldest morning of the event: the City of Houston went down to 13°F, Galveston down to 20°F, and College Station bottomed out at just 5°F.

How much would it have cost to winterize Texas?

According to their data, the cost to winterize new and existing wellheads is between $20,000 and $50,000 per well.

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How much did the Texas freeze cost?

Report: Winter freeze cost Texas up to $130 billion.

Why is the electric bill so high in Texas?

In sum, the sky-high electric bills in Texas are partly due to a deregulated electricity system that allowed volatile wholesale costs to be passed directly to some consumers.

Will it be a cold winter in Texas 2021?

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has released the 2021-2022 winter outlook, and keeps Texas under drier and warmer than average conditions through February.

What is the coldest Texas has ever been?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state occurred at Tulia in Swisher County in the extreme southern Texas Panhandle. The thermometer dropped to 23 degrees below zero.