Question: What causes the winter rain along Coromandel coast?

(iii) Coromandel coast gets most of its rain during winter season because of N.E. monsoons which pickup moisture from Bay of Bengal and strikes the Coromandel coast.

What is the cause of winter rainfall?

EXPLANATION: Other reasons for winter rain include retreating monsoon, trade winds and also south-westerly monsoon. Winter rain is beneficial for rabi crops as it provides the much needed water to these crops. However, excessive winter rain can also cause crop damage, floods, landslides and avalanches.

Where does the Coromandel coast get rain from?

The Coromandel Coast falls in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats mountain range, and receives less rainfall during the summer southwest monsoons, which contributes heavy rainfall in some parts of India. The region averages 800 mm/year, most of which falls between October and December.

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Why Coromandel coast does not get rainfall during rainy season?

Konkan Coast faces on-shore S. W. Monsoons during summer. These moist laden winds give heavy rainfall (more than 300 cm.). But these winds do not give much rainfall on the Coromandel Coast as it lies in the rain shadow of Western Ghats. … Monsoon is a dry wind as it blows from the land.

What causes rainfall during winters in North Western?

Hint: During Winter, there is rainfall in the North Western part of India due to Western disturbances. Westerlies drive the pattern of these non-monsoonal precipitation. Western disturbances are essential for the development of rabi crops in the northern subcontinent.

How is the winter rain caused How is this rain beneficial?

It exists as the best source of freshwater. It supports the life system on Earth. It helps for agriculture. It supports the water cycle.

Why does the Coromandel coast receives maximum rainfall from Cyclone?

The low-pressure conditions over northwestern India move to the Bay of Bengal by early November. This shift leads to cyclonic depressions over the Andaman Sea. These cyclones usually cross the eastern coasts of India and cause heavy and widespread rain.

Why is it called Coromandel?

Origin of the name

The English name for the peninsula comes from HMS Coromandel (originally named HMS Malabar), a ship of the British Royal Navy that stopped at Coromandel Harbour in 1820 to purchase kauri spars. The ship was named for India’s Coromandel Coast.

Why does Coromandel coast have more rainfall than Malabar coast during north east monsoon?

Because Malabar Coast is situated on windward side of Western ghats and secondly it receives rainfall from South West monsoon winds of Arabian Sea branch which is more powerful than the south west monsoon of Bay of Bengal branch which showers it’s rain on coromandel coast….

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Which of the following causes rainfall over the Coromandel coast during October and November?

Explanation: From September to November, monsoon winds start retreating. Thus, the weather becomes extreme with high heat and humidity. The cyclones arising from the Bay of Bengal cause rainfall in the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu.

Why does Patna receive more rainfall than Lucknow?

☆Patna receives more rainfall than lucknow. because of the southwest monsoons which pours more rainfall in the eastern parts and they move towards west their moisture content declines.

Why does Konkan coast receives orographic rainfall?

The Konkan Coast experiences orographic rainfall because the monsoon winds which blow over the Arabian Sea strike the western side of the Western Ghats resulting in heavy rainfall. By the time these winds reach the Eastern Ghats, they are already dry as they have already shed their moisture.

Which of the following causes rainfall during winter in north Western part of India Brainly?

Western disturbances cause rainfall during winter in the north western part of india. This is a pattern driven by Westerlies.

What causes rainfall in winters in north East India?

During the winter season, north-east trade winds prevail over India. The North-east Monsoon winds pass over the Bay of Bengal. … These cause winter rains over the plains and snowfall in the mountains. It is because in this region these winds blow from sea to land, thereby carrying moisture along with them.

Which type of cyclones cause rainfall in north western India during winter where do they originate?

Answer: Western cyclonic disturbance cause rainfall in north western India during winter. The western cyclonic disturbances which enter the Indian subcontinent from the west and the north-west during the winter months originate over the Mediterranean Sea and are brought into India by the westerly jet stream.

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