Question: Is Paulette still a hurricane?

Where is Hurricane Paulette now?

Paulette is currently spinning off the coast of North Africa. It now has sustained winds of at least 40mph. Paulette was originally tracked in early September. It gained strength and became a Hurricane, making landfall on Bermuda on September 14 as a Category 1 Hurricane.

What category is Hurricane Paulette right now?

Hurricane Category 2 Paulette 2020 | AccuWeather.

Will Hurricane Paulette reach the US?

Paulette is not expected to bring any impact to the eastern coast of the United States, other than perhaps some rougher surf. Beyond Bermuda, Paulette is expected to track to the south of Newfoundland later in the week, but a period of rough seas is likely around the Canada province.

How long did Hurricane Paulette last?

7 сентября 2020 – 28 сентября 2020
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