Question: How does Walt Whitman describe the effect of rain on the earth?

The rain said that it is the poetry of the earth. It is never-ending. It is intangible as it rises out of the land, from the endless sea before it ascends towards heaven. … The rain says that the earth is its creator and it gives back life to it.

How does the poet describe the rain on Earth?

Answer: In the poem, ‘The Voice of the Rain’, the poet describes how the rain falls on Earth. He also asks a question to the rain’about it. He calls the showers of the rain as ‘Poem of Earth’ as the rain gives a new lease of life to ‘ the scorched and parched Earth and falls on Earth in a rhythmic manner.

Why does Whitman call the rain a poem of the earth?

In this poem, the poet asks the soft falling raindrops that who she is. It is strange that the rain answers, calling itself the poem of the Earth. … The poet says that the rain returns to its birth place (the Earth) making complete its cycle.

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What is the rain to the earth The Voice of the Rain?

The rain quenches the thirst of the Earth. It embraces the flowers and trees of the Earth in an affectionate way. Its tender touch reaches Earth in the form of a million water droplets. She enriches the Earth just like a mother nourishes her children.

How does the rain describe itself in the poem The Voice of the Rain?

♠ ANSWER : The rain describes herself in the poem ” THE VOICE OF THE RAIN” as the ” POEM OF THE EARTH” which gives happiness to everything and quenches the thirst and relish the drought prone areas.

How does the rain benefit the Earth?

Rainwater fills reservoirs that supply drinking water, provide a habitat for fish to live, and nourishes the soil with water necessary for vegetation. Rain water, however, can also have a negative effect on the Earth when it causes erosion or when it has a high pH.

What happens when it rains outside How does the poet describe it?

The rain, the welcome rain! In these lines, the poet is describes how it looks like when the rain falls on the window pane, and how swift and wider the gutters look, as they are full of rain water, and filled with mud it looks like a river roaring down. He feels overjoyed about the rain, and welcomes it with open arms.

What happens to the earth when the rain falls?

Explanation: When precipitation falls over the land surface, it follows various routes in its subsequent paths. Some of it evaporates, returning to the atmosphere; some seeps into the ground as soil moisture or groundwater; and some runs off into rivers and streams.

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What does the rain give to her own origin?

Answer: The rains origin is actually the bottomless sea. The water evaporates and goes up in the sky in the form of water vapour and then comes down as rain and fills up the sea. So, it gives birth to its own origin. …