Is rain water bad for your pool?

Rainwater is known to have acidic properties that can negatively affect your pool water chemistry balance. This can affect anything from the pH balance to alkalinity levels and more. … Aside from rainwater falling directly into your pool being a bad thing, something even worse can happen.

What do you do with your pool when it rains?

Here’s a quick checklist of what to do after a heavy rain so you can get back to enjoying your pool as soon as possible:

  • Remove debris from your skimmer and pump baskets. …
  • Skim your pool to remove any debris on the water’s surface, including bugs.
  • Brush and vacuum your pool.
  • Lower the water level if needed.

Do I need to drain my pool when it rains?

In most cases, your pool can even handle rain from most tropical depressions and hurricanes. If your pool is completely full after a storm or heavy rainfall, you don’t need to take drastic steps such as emptying your pool. If you do, the hydrostatic pressure can cause your pool to come out of the ground.

Does rainwater make pool dirty?

With a rain storm, any number of contaminants can be washing into your pool – acid rain, pollen, insects, tree droppings, dust, sand and even phosphates. Any one or combination of these things in rain can make your pool cloudy. … A dirty rainstorm can deplete your chlorine level, making pool water hazy.

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Should I shock pool after rain?

Shock & Filter the Water

Shocking helps sanitize any contaminants or materials that were introduced to the water during the storm. Run your system for at least 12 hours to ensure proper filtration and circulation. This removes dirt and debris, and also assists with circulating the chlorine throughout your pool.

How do you clear a pool after it rains?

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Turn off the pump,
  2. Change the filter multiport valve handle from “filter” onto “waste” (not backwash),
  3. Open any valves on the waste line,
  4. Disconnect suction cleaner & remove vacuum plate from skimmer box,
  5. Then turn the pump back on to lower the water level,

Why do pools go green after rain?

With heavy rainfall, the chemicals in your pool can become unbalanced; your pH levels altered and your chlorine, salt and mineral content diluted. … Combined with sunlight, these conditions are perfect for algae and other contaminants to grow and affect the health of your pool, turning it green overnight.

Does rainwater increase pool pH?

Since rain is diluting your pool, you may expect that it will reduce the acidity of your pool water. However, all rain in the US is acidic due to pollution, so rain actually decreases your pool’s pH – in other words, the pool water becomes more acidic.