How often do hurricanes hit Cayman Islands?

According to a ranking system produced by, the Cayman Islands is hit by tropical storms and hurricanes every 1.71 years, putting it in 5th position for being the most vulnerable to these kinds of extreme weather events out of 139 cities and islands throughout the coastal United States, Mexico and all …

Does Cayman Islands get hit by hurricanes?

The Cayman Islands has the occasional hurricane, but they are very rare. The last time that a major hurricane hit Grand Cayman was in 2004. It is statistically improbable that there will be a hurricane during your vacation to the Cayman Islands.

When was the last time a hurricane hit the Cayman Islands?

Seventeen years ago, on Sunday September 12 2004, the eye of the storm passed within eight to 15 miles of Grand Cayman, striking the island with sustained winds of 160 miles per hour, gusts of up to 217 mph, and a storm surge of seawater of 8 to 10 feet, with wave heights of 20-30 feet, submerging most of the Island.

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How many hurricanes are in the Cayman Islands?

The List of Cayman Island hurricanes covers all hurricanes and tropical storms affecting the Cayman Islands from 1700 to 2021.


Month Number of storms
August 30
September 20
October 34
November 13

Is Grand Cayman in the hurricane belt?

While the Cayman Islands are officially in the Hurricane Belt, the risk of your particular vacation at your particular time of year actually being disrupted by a hurricane are statistically low, so don’t let the dates of the official hurricane season deter you from making vacation plans.

What is the best time of year to visit the Cayman Islands?

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands is between March and June when the hotel rates drop. The islands are warm year-round with average highs holding steady in the 80s. January and February are the coolest months with average lows in the high 60s.

Is Cayman Island part of UK?

The 20th Century: The Cayman Islands, initially administered as a dependency of Jamaica, became an independent colony in 1959; they now are a self-governing British Overseas Territory.

What category was hurricane Ivan when it hit Cayman Islands?

As a Category 5 hurricane, Ivan passed just 25 mi (41 km) southwest of George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, on September 12. Sustained winds there reached 150 mph (241 km/h), with gusts to 171 mph (276 km/h).

Has there been a hurricane Larry?

The name Larry has been used for three tropical cyclones worldwide, two in the Atlantic Ocean and one the Australian region of the Pacific Ocean. … Hurricane Larry (2021) – a large and long-lived hurricane that made landfall in Newfoundland.

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Does Antigua have hurricanes?

The best time to visit Antigua is from May to November, the island’s offseason. Rates are cheapest at this time, and although there is a slight threat of hurricanes, the weather rarely escapes 80 degrees. You’ll encounter less rain between December and April, but rates are more expensive and crowds are abundant.

What did hurricane Ivan do?

Ivan caused an estimated $20.5 billion (equivalent to $28.1 billion in 2020) in damage in the United States alone, making it the second-costliest hurricane on record at the time, behind only Hurricane Andrew of 1992.

What is hurricane season in Aruba?

Although the hurricane season officially runs from June to November, the highest level of activity in the region goes from mid-August to mid-October. The most active time is mid-September.

Which Caribbean island is least affected by hurricanes?

6 Caribbean Vacations Where Hurricane Season Doesn’t Matter

  • Aruba. When travelers think of safe islands to visit during hurricane season, the “ABC Islands” of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao often come to mind. …
  • Bonaire. …
  • Barbados. …
  • Trinidad and Tobago. …
  • Panama.

What Caribbean island has never been hit by a hurricane?

Trinidad. Located just off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad’s southern location means it rarely sees hurricanes. The most recent was Hurricane Isidore in 2002, though it’s worth noting that the storm was classified as a tropical depression when it passed the island.

Which Caribbean islands have the most hurricanes?

After Abaco, the 10 Caribbean locations with the highest number of severe hurricanes (categories 3/5) in the last 150 or so years are:

  • Saba, Netherland Antilles (15/7)
  • Grand Bahama, Bahama (15/3)
  • Key West, USA (14/7)
  • St. …
  • Bimini, Bahamas (14/5)
  • Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas (14/3)
  • Nevis, West Indies (13/7)
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