How does Lowell set the scene in the first snowfall?

How does Lowell set the scene in The First Snowfall? … The boys built a tunnel in the snow and named it after Aladdin’s cave.

What do you think the mound in Sweet Auburn in the first snowfall represents?

“The mound in sweet Auburn” in “The First Snowfall” is the grave of his young daughter.

What does the snowfall make the speaker think?

Of what does the snowstorm make the speaker think? … The snow makes him think of a mound with a little headstone.

What do you think Holmes wants the ship to symbolize?

What do you think Holmes wants the ship to symbolize? … To represent the government who wants to steal the integrity of her (the ship) honor (and patriotism).

What is the central theme of Snowbound?

The main theme of Snowbound is that no-matter what happens, family will be there to help and comfort. This theme is demonstrated widely throughout the poem and even more so in the last stanza of this excerpt. Another, less prominent, theme of Snowbound is the meaning and involvement of God in the lives of people.

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Why did Lowell write the first snowfall?

In 1847 he wrote this poem in remembrance of the daughter he had just buried in the family lot at Mount Auburn after watching the first snowfall of the season from his study window.

What does the snow symbolize in the first snowfall?

The snow is being compared to “gradual patience” and has the ability to “heal and hide the scar” of the affect of the loss of his daughter. At first it reminds him of his sorrow, but then reminds him that patience and love can aid in healing.

How does the speaker first respond to his daughter’s question about the snow What does the quote mean?

He remembers the day his daughter was buried. How does the speaker respond to his daughter’s question about the snow in The First Snowfall? and What does he later add to this response? He says the God who cares for us makes it snow. ; only God can make the snow fall. … it was snowing the day they buried her.

What does the ship represent in Old Ironsides?

“Old Ironsides” As a Representative of Victory: This poem is about the historical ship that won a commendable victory for the United States. According to the poet, this ship has outlived many adversities and stood as a symbol of reassurance for those who depended on it during the war.

What does the name of the ship imply Old Ironsides?

“Old Ironsides” was the nickname given to the 18th-century frigate, USS Constitution during the War of 1812 after its naval battle with HMS Guerriere.

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How does the ship resemble a meteor?

He states that the ship has led a life that included battles roaring beneath its banner and cannons flying like “meteors” through the air. These things which were once so powerful and even moving should be torn down.

What is the setting of the poem snowbound?

The poem takes place in Whittier’s childhood home, today known as the John Greenleaf Whittier Homestead, which still stands in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The poem chronicles a rural New England family as a snowstorm rages outside for three days.

How does the family in snowbound feel about being snowed in?

How does the family in “Snowbound” feel about being snowed in? … The family felt closed in and lonely when they were snowed in, they had no way to be social.

What is the mood of the first stanza in snowbound?

The speaker’s attitude or tone in the beginning of the poem was sad, dreary, glum, gloomy, and somber. This was due to the coming of the snowstorm. The skies were darkened and the sun didn’t shine as much. The tone shifts during the sixth stanza.