How do you change towers in rain?

How do I change my rain tower connection?

Click on Mobile Broadband Settings. Click Connection.

For an Android mobile device:

  1. Go to settings, Wireless & Networks/More, Mobile network, Access Point Name (APN)
  2. Select New Profile or New APN.
  3. Profile Name – rain.
  4. APN – rain.
  5. Leave the username and password empty/not set.
  6. Save the Profile.
  7. Go Back to Mobile Network.

Which cell towers do rain use?

Rain has a lease agreement for using Vodacom’s network towers, while Vodacom has a roaming agreement to use Rain’s 4G network.

Why is rain network so bad?

The reason is simple – poor network quality. The company’s network performance has been declining since it launched its fixed-LTE service in June 2017. Whenever an article about Rain is published, complaints about poor network speeds, especially during peak hours, follow.

What router works with rain 4G?

Currently, and at launch, rain works well with Huawei’s two most popular routers: Huawei B315. Huawei B618.

How can I improve my rain network?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into my rain.
  3. Click manage on your product tile.
  4. Scroll down to “optimise my signal’ and follow the tips provided.
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How do you reset rain WIFI?

To reset WIFI and password settings, press and hold the RESET button for 5 to 8 seconds. Release the RESET button and a single beep will sound. The RainMachine Mini 8 system will automatically reboot. The reboot process could take up to 2 minutes.

Is rain uncapped?

The mobile operator launched unlimited 4G 24/7 LTE in early 2020. The product offers Rain customers anytime uncapped mobile data access for R479 per month. Users can enjoy speeds of up to 10Mbps and a streaming resolution of 360p. … It can be used on any 4G enabled device, including home routers, MiFis and phones.

Does rain use Vodacom towers?

Rain has an agreement which allows it access to Vodacom’s network towers, and Vodacom also has a roaming agreement for the use of Rain’s 4G spectrum.

How is rain network coverage?

To check whether you are within rain’s 4G or 5G coverage area please visit the coverage map on the rain website ( … Light Blue = 4G coverage; Dark Blue = 4G and 5G coverage. If there is no blue overlay visible where the location pin is then there is no rain coverage in your area.

Can I reactivate my rain Sim after cancellation?

If you have cancelled your Rain package, unfortunately, you will not be able to reactivate it.

How does rain unlimited data work?

welcome to rain

How does unlimited off peak work? You have the option to add unlimited off-peak for R250 a month. This gives you 19 hours of unlimited data between 11pm and 6pm for everyday in the month. Data used during ‘peak hours’ 6pm – 11pm will be charged at 5c per meg (R50 a gig).

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Does PNP sell rain SIM cards?

Tymebank has a national network of manned Tyme kiosks at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores across South Africa, which is of value to Rain as a physical distribution network.

Do I need a router for rain?

Your rain SIM will work in any 4G router, unless the router has been locked to another network provider.

Does rain provide a router?

Includes free-to-use 5G indoor router

for the first month.