Does toxic rain do physical damage?

Does toxic rain use physical damage?

Each spore pod deals chaos damage over time to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed.

Unusual Gems /4.

Type Stats Weight
Divergent (0–20)% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage 100

Is toxic rain poison damage?

The explosion of the Spore Pods counts as a hit, which allows for rapid application of “on hit” effects such as poison, or life and mana gain on hit. … Spore explosions and arrows count as “kill with this weapon” but damage over time component does not.

Does toxic rain damage stack?

Yes. The dot of the pods stack. The aoe is big enough to hit mobs with all pods very easy.

How many pods are toxic rain?

6 pods * . 93.3 = 5.6 possible overlapping pods.

Does toxic rain overlap?

Conversation. that Toxic Rain pods from the same attack do indeed stack “The visuals look like they don’t stack above 5, but there is actually no limit If you get enough aoe you can have all pod dots from a single shot overlap!”

Is Chaos Elemental damage Poe?

No, only fire, cold, and lightning are elemental.

What does skill effect duration do for toxic rain?

Since the DoT stacks and it has a 1 second base duration, investing into skill duration greatly scales your damage without introducing too crazy build up times.

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Does toxic rain poison Poe?

Make sure you have EXTRA PHYS damage somewhere, as you will be unable to POISON without it! Toxic Rain is all new skill gem introduced in 3.4 Delve League. It’s a cool toxic, poison version of Rain of Arrows with 3-phase damage.

What does phantasmal toxic rain do?

Fire arrows into the air that rain down around the targeted area, dealing damage to enemies they hit and creating spore pods where they land. Each spore pod deals chaos damage over time to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed.

Is Poison Chaos damage Poe?

Poison is an ailment that deals chaos damage over time to the affected target.