Does point blank work with rain of arrows?

RoA works with PB just as any other Projectile Attack, it’s damage is reduced the further the targets are away. For calculations, the distance between you and the center of RoA is taken.

Does point blank affect rain of arrows?

Rain of Arrows (RoA) is an attack, not a spell, but it still isn’t affected by Point Blank. RoA doesn’t actually fire any projectiles, it just creates an Area of Effect, so anything that affects projectile damage/speed wont do anything.

Does point blank affect toxic rain?

No the DoT is not a hit and point blank only scales hits.

Can rain of arrows fork?

Short answer, Rain of Arrows cannot chain. Longer answer, although Rain of Arrows is a projectile skill and has the ‘projectile’ tag that does not mean it can inherit all the capabilities of a normal bow projectile. Because the arrows rain down from above it makes sense that they cannot chain, fork or pierce.

How does rain of arrows work Poe?

Rain of Arrows is a ranged attack skill that fires a number of arrows in the air, with each of them landing to deal area of effect over a short period of time.

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Is Point Blank Good Poe?

Point Blank is a keystone passive skill. It causes projectiles to deal 30% more damage to very close enemies, dealing up to 30% less damage based on the distance the projectile travels before it hits. Point Blank is worth to build Projectile skills.

How does far shot and point blank work together?

Point Blank and Far Shot are multiplicative together (since they are more/less multipliers), and thus helps counteract the damage falloff at distance. The Purple Graph shows the Damage scaling Interaction between Far Shot and Point Blank.

Does Point Blank decrease damage?

Point Blank is a keystone passive skill that scales the damage of projectile attacks with respect to the distance the projectile has travelled, dealing more damage initially then much less damage after covering a long distance.

Does point blank affect totems?

Yes, this is the case. Point Blank works on the distance from the origin of the projectile. Since the projectile originates at the totem, it counts from there.

Is toxic rain a spell Poe?

Fire arrows into the air that rain down around the targeted area, dealing damage to enemies they hit and creating spore pods where they land.

Toxic Rain.

Reference, Community Wiki
DropLevel 12
BaseType Toxic Rain
Class Active Skill Gems
Weapon Bows

How do you use Vaal rain of arrows?

CorruptedPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket. For the non-Vaal counterpart, see Rain of Arrows.

Does puncture stack Poe?

Secondly, you can’t stack Puncture. If that initial hit sucked, the puncture will suck.

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