Are accordion shutters hurricane proof?

Accordion shutters are among the most popular types of hurricane shutters. They are an economical way to protect your home from hurricanes and are the near-default option homeowners choose in Miami. … Typically, you’ll see accordion hurricane shutters made from metal or polycarbonate.

Are accordion shutters good for hurricanes?

If you’re looking for a way to protect a sliding glass door, the Alutech United Accordion Shutter is one of your best options. … For heavy-duty protection from hurricanes and other storms, the QMI Rolling Shutters (view at QMI) are a great option that can be installed on windows, doors, and balconies.

How strong are accordion shutters?

These aluminum Bahama-style hurricane shutters can withstand impacts of up to 180 miles per hour, making them some of the toughest on the market. They come in two styles, high visibility, which allows more light in the window; and impact, with a metal mesh backing for maximum protection.

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What wind speed are accordion shutters rated for?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, suggests that storm shutters within one mile of the coastline be rated for wind speeds of 130 mph or greater, and those used further inland be rated for winds at 110 to 120 mph.

Are accordion shutters worth it?

Upfront cost savings – Accordion shutters are less expensive to install than impact glass windows. … No need to repair – Impact windows may suffer damage if struck by flying debris. Hurricane shutters might too, but since they’re not visible most of the time, you probably won’t feel the need to repair them.

What is the average cost of accordion shutters?

Hurricane Shutters Prices by Type

Type Price Per Square Foot 24″ by 42″* Shutters + 1 Hour of Installation
Accordion $15 – $30 $105 – $210
Bahama $20 – $35 $140 – $245
Colonial $25 – $35 $175 – $245
Roll-Up or Roll-Down $25 – $60 $175 – $420

What is the best window protection for hurricanes?

6 Best Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Home in 2020

  • Best Overall: Rolling Shutters.
  • Best Value: Fabric Storm Panels.
  • Best Quick Fix: Storm Panels.
  • Most Stylish: Colonial Shutters.
  • Most Versatile: Bermuda Shutters.
  • Best for Sliding Doors: Accordion Shutters.

Are all accordion shutters the same?

Not all Accordion Shutters Systems are made the same. … The Maximum Impact® Accordion Shutters are the choice for property owners who want the highest degree of protection available.

What are accordion hurricane shutters?

High Velocity Category 5® Accordion Hurricane Shutters are hinged and louvered panels that are permanently mounted to window, doors, and openings and are designed to protect glass windows and areas during hurricanes, tropical depressions, and severe storms and also help to serve as a theft deterrent.

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Do you need hurricane shutters if you have impact windows?

With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need hurricane shutters. … With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need to install and remove hurricane shutters every time a hurricane is coming; you just have to lock your windows and doors.

Do you need hurricane shutters for Category 1?

Category 1 hurricanes are considered the least destructive on the Wind Scale. … Those without hurricane-safe windows, doors or protective shutters can experience cracked glass if violent debris is pelted at your home.

Should you put up shutters for a Category 1 hurricane?

Glass expert James Medira, whose James Glass Works serves Broward County, recommends that everyone who has shutters use them — even for tropical storms.

What category hurricane should you put up shutters?

National Hurricane Center spokesman Dennis Feltgen recommends putting up your hurricane shutters when a hurricane watch is issued for your area. A hurricane watch means that tropical storm conditions are expected to begin in 48 hours. A hurricane warning is when tropical storm conditions are expected in 36 hours.

Can impact windows withstand Category 5?

Installing these windows significantly lowers your chances of major damage to your home. Hurricane impact windows have advanced to the point where they can withstand Category 5 wind conditions, and the debris that goes with it.

Can impact windows break?

Rather than shattering like a traditional pane of glass, impact resistant windows will splinter, but not break through. … Although impact resistant windows are not completely burglar proof, breaking through them can prove to be significantly more work and more time consuming than most burglars are willing to endure.

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Are impact windows better than hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters don’t offer the best protection against debris and high winds. So if you are looking for the ultimate in storm protection, you can’t go wrong with hurricane impact resisting windows which will give your home the perfect protection against flying debris, strong winds, and other perils.